Cape Cod Corporate Prayer Meetings

by anonymous on July 9, 2009
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
As you know from previous communicationthat the Lord led us to take our pastors and leaders prayer meeting to the local churches, and to open it up to the body of Christ on Cape Cod. The meetings are from 7 -8 pm , at rotating locations (See Home Page, under "Events").
Please arrive as early as 6:30 pm for fellowship, so we can all start our meeting promptly at 7 pm together. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for an hour, but we will leave room for it to go longer as the Holy Spirit leads.
Please click here to read/download a very important document (in Word form)"Corporate Cape Cod Prayer Meetings"
 The purpose of this document is to communicate the vision of our upcoming corporate prayer meetings in the context of our vision for the Glory of God on Cape Cod and the subsequent outbreak of revival, so we can all be on the same page as we gather to pray in one accord.
I. Our quest for the Glory of God on Cape Cod.
II. The necessity of corporate unity and unified prayer.
III. Combining worship and intercession.
IV. The concept of biblical prayers: using God's language.
V. Biblical values for our corporate prayer meetings.
VI.A sample of biblical prayers.
VII.Ten biblical conditions necessary for effective prayer.
 If you find this document helpful, please share it with your brothers and sisters in Christ and invite them to join us in our upcoming prayer meetings.
We look forward to seeing you at the prayer meetings.
The Glory of God on Cape Cod team