Cape-wide Youth Prayer and Worship Gatherings

by Inna Taylor on February 28, 2014
Hello dear brothers and sisters, my name is Inna Taylor. I am from Ukraine and my husband Andrew and I currently live in Dennis Port. As of this last September, we started as youth leaders at Mid Cape Worship Center in Dennis Port.

I hope my heart will come across as you read this message. I really feel that the harvest is coming among the youth on Cape Cod and we all know that the Cape needs it as it's one of the least evangelized areas of the world. We believe that the Gospel's spread among the youth is a vital key to revival on the Cape. 

Cape Cod youth are frequently marked by depression, suicide and addiction, pain and low self worth. There are youth groups here and there, working to show these young people love, but most are small and some are discouraged by lack of growth or decreasing numbers.

We are convinced that a monthly, Cape-wide youth prayer and worship gathering is the place to start to unify our young people in love, break the chains that bind them, and bring revival.


Inna Taylor