Ezekiel 48:35: The Lord is there

by Pastor Michael Miller on January 31, 2023

"The Holy Spirit testifies in every city...." (Acts 20:23) Dear friends, In Acts 20:23, Paul was saying that in every city he travelled to minister, the believers in each city had a collective witness of the Holy Spirit that he will experience difficulties when he goes to Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit said the same thing to many believers in different cities... Similarly, the Lord is stirring His people in many places across the US and beyond, with the same message, giving them similar insights from His Word and a collective witness of the Holy Spirit to their hearts: A desire to seek His (Manifest) Presence, a hunger to see His glory in our midst. The message below took place a few months ago, in September 2022, at a pastors' conference organized by Jesus Image Chruch in Orlando, Florida.  The pastors conference theme was "Presence driven Churches", Churches that seek to prepare a place for the manifest presence of God in their midst, as their first priority, the theme that we have been studying together for more than a year so far, as we are looking together at what the Scriptures say about The Glory of God in the Midst of His People. This was the conference announcement: It is our dream to see churches all over the world filled with the  Presence of God  and committed to His Word. We believe there is a major shift taking place that is drawing leaders away from mere systems and worldly methods in church life.  Jesus is King, not attendance . We believe it is time to serve and encourage church leaders from all over the world to follow Jesus personally, have healthy families and Biblical churches that are led of the Holy Spirit. We desire to serve, equip and pray for those who are  hungry for a move of God in their church or ministry. The message below is by one of the guest speakers, Pastor Michael Miller of the Upper Room Church in Dallas, Texas. It is very interesting to see the Holy Spirit stirring other people with the same thing he has been stirring us for 18 years, and highlighting the very same Scriptures to them such as Acts 7:49, 2 Cor 6:16, and Psalm 132, all of which we reference frequently and wove together at last year's March GOGCC Worship and Prayer gathering at New Life Christian Ministries International. In a very similar way, the Lord stirred pastor Miller to share almost an identical message last September. It's as if Pastor Miller was present at last month's GOGCC pastors and leaders meeting listening to Pastor Mike Allen as he summarized what we have gone through last year in our study, The Glory of God in Our Midst. This spiritual language is being spoken by many, not just across the US, but in many different parts of the body of Christ across the globe, and language and an insight in the Word of God, rooted in the Holy Spirit stirring..