Great Awakening IV conference in Plymouth

by Paul Jehle on June 12, 2013
 A few months ago the Chamber of Commerce from the town of Plymouth where our Church is located contacted me.  The contact was about three individuals who had come to Plymouth after being touched by God in prayer to come and hold a conference called "Great Awakening IV".  After speaking with the individuals, they thought it best in town to contact me so that we could help with their request.  We do conduct regular tours of Plymouth through the Jenney Museum and Plymouth Rock Foundation.  Once in contact with Episcopal Priest Bill Bulkley from Connecticut, businessman Phil Castillo and former Pastor Ken Zimmerle from Tennessee, I heard their story.
  They have been in prayer for America for some time, noticing, as most of us do, the slide into corruption at almost every level, including the Church.  After seeing the movie Monumental they were pricked in their heart to hold a Conference in Plymouth to remember, repent and return to the God of our forefathers.  As a Church we told them we would certainly support their efforts.  They have since invested more than $30,000 in renting Memorial Hall (the largest hall in Plymouth that seats over 1,000), as well as doing a large amount of advertising, having no idea if anyone would respond.  Even at this point, they have no idea how many believers might come at some point June 20-22 of next week to remember our heritage, repent of our sin, and ask God to bring revival and Great Awakening again.
  Over and over again, these individuals have said they believe God is going to bring revival to Plymouth and the Cape, as well as New England and America.  They are coming to lift our hands.  There are many of us who have been praying along these lines for decades.  We need to let them know we are with them so I urge each one to pray and ask God what you might do to encourage our brothers who have made such a step of faith.  Go to their website (brochure attached;, register if you can go (it is free but they need to know how many might come), or let them know you are grateful they are coming here to call the Church back to her Redeemer.

Conference info: 

To register by phone, call (508) 591-0370.
Spiritual Conference 2013
JUNE 20-22, 2013
God Bless each of you:
Pastor Paul Jehle
The New Testament Church
Plymouth, MA