Invitation to Make a Difference April 6 and a testimony

by Cape Cod Bible Alliance on April 3, 2013


One of the simplest and most foundational thing we can do to win others to Christ is to know the Good News message, and be prepared to share it.

We have something to help you do that.

Saturday, April 6, 2013 9 am – 2 pm

Sponsored by Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church

with attenders from across the CApe and beyond

Make A Difference (M.A.D.) Live Event

Relational and Conversational Evangelism Training

with Don Sunshine

“We have been privileged to have equipped over 15,000 people all over the US to begin sharing their faith every day as God opens the doors. Would it energize your life if you saw God use you EVERY DAY to impact a life for Christ? How would that change you? Not only is this possible, but we have seen it happen over and over again. This event makes it easier to do than you thought it could be.”


Don emphasizes there will be no role playing.

You Are Invited

Location: Dennis Church of the Nazarene
209 Upper County Rd, South Dennis, MA 02660


The event is free of charge, including a light lunch.

A love offering for Don Sunshine will be received.


We are delighted to have guests from other churches. Come yourself, invite others or form a group. Let us know you are coming at:

Call 508-896-2453 or

email or

mail CCBAC 3600 Main St Brewster, MA 02631

A testimony from a MAD event

Hi Don!

I was encouraged by your response to my previous update. Your words meant a lot. God has been good to answer prayers for more open doors in the past few weeks.

My wife and I have had a couple opportunities to interact with waiters and give out pocket Gospel of John and My Heart Christ's Home booklets. One young man's name, Jeremiah, offered an opening to bring up the Bible and spiritual things. Another young man, Armond, who was very sanguine and talkative with all of his customers seemed to take a special liking to us. It turned out there were a number of points of connection, (he's studying electrical engineering - I'm an electrical engineer, he was born in Greece - we've lived in Turkey). We were able to give him both booklets and talk about the importance of really following Christ, not just knowing of him. He gladly received the booklets with our personalized notes to him and seemed to genuinely appreciate our exhortations.

During a hotel stay I had the opportunity to give a pocket Gospel of John to one of the cleaning staff who enthusiastically accepted it and was glad to be shown the pages that explained God's plan of salvation.

And I have now officially "run out of gas" for Christ... or at least my car has. I was headed to the men's prayer breakfast at the St. Andrews Evangelical Church missions conference, hoping to make it to my favorite gas station with the best prices in town. Well, I didn't make it, and had to walk about 1/2 mile to that gas station, buy a gallon container and gas (so much for saving money!) and then walk the 1/2 mile back to my car. As I was approaching my car, I noticed another car stopped about 100 yards behind mine, and the driver walking towards my car. As we arrived at the same time, he told me he had also just run out of gas and asked if I could help him get gas for his car. After we got my car started and drove to the gas station for my fill-up and his purchase of another gallon, I drove him back to his car. Since we had run out of gas on the interstate, it was about a 10 minute drive to go east on I-20 in order to get back to our cars in the westbound side. During this time we made small talk and I learned a little about him. When we got to his car I waited while he put in the gas and looked for an opportunity to give him a pocket Gospel of John. His car still wouldn't start so he asked me if I would drive him to work, a GMC dealership that would be able to send a tow truck to get his car.

With this additional drive time God opened the door for me to ask the young man, Chris, if he went to church and if he knew he would spend eternity with God. He gave a "trusting in good works" response, mentioning that Revelation talks about God opening books that record our deeds. I explained how God's standard is perfect obedience and how no one can balance out on that scale, except Jesus Christ, the only one who could take our penalty and give us his righteousness. I also told him that Revelation tells us about the Book of Life that determines if a person's eternal destiny is heaven or hell, and that the only way to get his name in that book is by turning from trusting in himself (the scales balancing out in his favor by being good enough) and by transferring his trust to Christ. We obey Christ in the power of the Spirit out of gratitude for what he's done, not in our own power to try to earn heaven.

In this situation, Chris was a captive audience, and I could sense that he was not completely comfortable with what I was sharing and was probably also a little anxious about getting to work. But I know that this whole opportunity was a divine appointment orchestrated by God, and in the time I had available during the drive time to his workplace, God enabled me to share key points of the salvation message and get the Gospel of John into Chris' hands. I never made it to the prayer breakfast!

I really appreciate your ministry with Make A Difference training. The refresher course this past January has helped me to become more active as a rescuer and ambassador for Christ. Keep me in your prayers as you are in mine.