Invitation to the August GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Cape Cod Bible Alliance

by Myron Heckman on August 3, 2016
We at Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church are delighted to be in our new building, after a three and a half year absence due to fire. We will be hosting the Glory of God united prayer meeting three weeks from today, on August 24, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

  We invite you to come and pray with fellow believers from across the Cape, and to see our new building.
Our desire is for God to honor his name in the Church and in the communities of Cape Cod.These are times of seeking, of longing. They are also times of refreshing and rejoicing as we meet together in God's presence and express the reconciliation we have in Christ.
If you've been thinking of attending a prayer meeting for the first time this is a great time to come. And if you've been absent for a time this is a great time to be renewed.
Join us to seek God's face at the monthly
Cape Cod United Prayer Meeting
Wednesday, August 24  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church
3600 Main St (Rt 6A)
Brewster, MA  02631
Will You not revive us again,
That Your people may rejoice in You?  Psalm 85:6