Invitation to the GOGCC Prayer Meeting May 22 at Falmouth Church of the Nazarene

by Buddy Washburn on May 3, 2013


To my Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

 I hope this invitation finds you well. Please mark your calendars for May 22nd for the monthly gathering of Saints for the Glory of God on Cape Cod Prayer Meeting at the Falmouth Church of the Nazarene, 292 Brick Kiln Rd, East Falmouth, 02536.

 Here is a link to the Facebook event page:

 Please indicate your attendance by clicking "join" and then go to "invite friends" and invite all your Christian friends on Cape Cod. Let us join together in praying for revival on Cape Cod!

 When I was praying during Marstons Mills Prayer Meeting, God impressed upon me a challenge for the month of May. I hope you will join me in this challenge that’s written in a book by Leonard Ravenhill. “Revival God’s Way”, A Message for the Church. I’ve read this book many years ago, last month He pulled it back into heart - Asking are we ready for what God has for us in this challenge? It starts with this thought, “Have we no tears for Revival?

 Psalms 126:5 tells us “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” When was the time we have shed any tears for our lost love one, friends, neighbors, community and world?  Are alarmed by the lack of authority of the church in a world where evil is good and good is evil. How about the person who’s hears are deaf to the Gospel? Are our hearts truly crushed to tears for the burden of the lost?

Ravenhill and I believe the Holy Spirit is asking us – “Are we grieved at the worldliness, blindness, corruption, toleration of sin, prayerlessness in the church.”  I believe it takes a group believers to start crying out to God. He will answer our prayer, He has answered this type of prayer so many times in the Bible and in recorded Church history.

 I’m writing this challenge to myself as well you because I know this struggle all too well, as a Pastor I can & have been bogged down with ministry burdens and discouraged by the perception of little to no movement in the Church toward God (I call this my Elijah complex). That’s why I’m challenged by God to sow tears for the lost and ready myself for the Harvest.

In Jesus name let’s gather together on May 22nd at the Falmouth Church of the Nazarene at 6:30pm and cry out to God.

Please don’t be late, you might miss a miracle! PTL!


Buddy Washburn, Falmouth COTN