Invitation to the July GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Osterville Baptist Church

by Rob Wheeler on July 16, 2017

Dear Glory of God Prayer Network,

It is my pleasure to invite you to Osterville Baptist Church to come to pray for the advance of the gospel of grace on Cape Cod at our next monthly meeting on behalf of the Glory of God on Cape Cod. Here are the details for quick reference:

God has given many churches on Cape Cod a vision to pray for His glory to be made more visible here on Cape through revival. We close our eyes and long for a time when healthy churches will be filled with worshipers who have come to know God the Father through faith in Jesus the Son by the work of the Spirit-led church sharing the gospel.

Here is what is difficult of any vision: vision is a picture of the ideal world, but it’s not a roadmap on how to get there! This is why so many people have dreams of what should be and could be, but give up along the way. It’s the getting there that’s tough and the only way to get there is to let God take the lead. How does the church let God take the lead? I would submit to you that the church prays, waits … and THEN acts when God stirs!


When I think of the balance between prayer and action, I think of Nehemiah. Here is an interesting man of God! When you think of Nehemiah, you can easily think of a man who was decisive, a strong leader, and action-oriented. You can just as easily think of a man who prayed and waited. You don’t often see these qualities in the same person. The action-oriented person isn’t usually marked by patience. The patient type doesn’t tend to stand out as a get-the-job-done person. Nehemiah was both. The Bible tells us that Nehemiah started praying for God to move in the month of Chislev, December (Neh. 1:11) but waited to act in the month of Nisan, April. He waited on God for four months! He let God take the lead and he watched God work through him in a marvelous way!


Any great work of God requires God’s leadership. In the concert of life, God is the Great Conductor. There are times when he will assign his regional church a solo. He will ask us to lead where we are; to step out front; and to move His beautiful missional composition forward. However, if we play our part at the wrong time, then the solo doesn’t stand out as it should. Indeed, it ruins this beautifully arranged composition. Nehemiah waited upon the Great Conductor and played his part beautifully. We too must continue to seek God in prayer awaiting our moment to play the notes of revival.


We look forward to praying together on July 26th at Osterville Baptist Church from 6:30 to 8PM! Until then, keep praying for revival!


Gripped by Christ’s grace!

Rob Wheeler 
Senior Pastor