Invitation to the November GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Forestdale Church

by Bruce Hanlon on November 7, 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters across Cape Cod,

It's my honor to invite you all to the upcoming Glory of God on Cape Cod monthly meeting being held on Wednesday, November 28th at Forestdale Church located at 110 Route 130, Forestdale, starting at 6:30 pm.  Many long-timers here on Cape Cod remember us as "Forestdale Baptist Church"........ same church building, new name as of 2012. 

In the gospel of John, chapter 17 we are given insight into the "prayer life" of none other than Jesus Himself. Have you ever stopped to think about the magnitude of this? God in the flesh, Emmanuel, conversing with God the Father in prayer. So much ink has been spilled throughout the centuries writing about how this thing called prayer works. What impact does faith have on our prayers? How do our prayers intersect with God's sovereignty? How do we understand all those "whatever you ask" statements about prayer in Scripture? 

Sorry, I'm not going to attempt to answer any of these for you here. What I would like to challenge you to ponder are just two thoughts........ 

1. Of all the prayers uttered since the beginning to time that God was sure to answer with a resounding "YES", would it not be the prayer of His beloved son, Jesus?

2. If you answered "YES" to thought #1, then thought #2 are we doing as the answer to Jesus's prayer in John 17:23 when Jesus prays: "I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me."  

With all of our evangelistic efforts (which, I'm sure, are very sincere and honoring to the Lord), Jesus seemed to think that somehow "complete unity" among His followers would have the effect of "letting the world know" about Him. 

In fact, if you look at the verses that bookend John 17:23, you'll see that this prayer for unity is embedded in a prayer concerning none other than "the glory of God" which we have received through Jesus (v. 22)  and which we continually experience as we look to Jesus (v. 24). 

Why come out on November 28th and pray with brothers and sisters from across Cape Cod? Because doing so is, at least in part, a fulfillment of the prayer of Jesus. 

The Glory of God on Cape Cod is not about gathering together those considered super-spiritual. This is not an "old-person" thing or a "young-person" thing. It's not an American gathering, a black or white gathering, a gathering for the materially wealthy or the poor. Whatever hang-up or justification we may count on to keep us from going, know this........ this is a "Glory of God" thing. This is a gathering to strengthen and unite the bride of Christ, His Church, to meet the challenges of our day. It's an opportunity to arouse the sleeping giant of the Church to shine the light Christ. Yes, through our words, but most especially through our unity and the love we have for one another and for this hurting world. It's about being the answer to the prayer of Jesus. 

I look forward to welcoming you on November 28th at 6:30 pm at Forestdale Church

By Grace,

Pastor Bruce Hanlon