It's happening in North America!

by Pastor Rob on April 2, 2017

My name is Robert and I am the lead pastor of a local Church in  New York. Our church recognizes what the Word of God teaches about the importance of prayer. It is the crucial undergird for fruitful ministry. We have been interceding for years through the mountains and the valleys and we have been diligently praying for the lost. Our prayer ministry is broader than our own church, it's a regional prayer ministry where others from surrounding churches come to pray corporately for ourselves, our communities, our cities, and the nations.

This past Christmas, our church received an unexpected  gift. During their Christmas Eve service a new family appeared.  That is not very unusual

as Christmas seems to draw neighbors and travelers to Christmas service. It is seen as a holy day that should not be forgotten even for those who don't normally attend church.  Then, on Christmas Day, the new family appeared again. They sat right up front with huge smiles on their faces as we sang our worship songs, and as the message was spoken. We all greeted them as guests, as we normally would.

The following Sunday, they were there again!  Again, they sat right near the front and smiled the whole time.  But this time I noticed that they were smiling but were clearly not familiar with our songs.  Not at all.  It was as if they never heard a single one of our songs.  It wasn't until after the service, when I decided to find out more about them, that I understood why.

This family of four, five days before Christmas, were a Muslim family.  What??!  What do you mean, five days ago you were Muslim??  Then the mother, named Bibi, went on to tell me that in December of 2016 she had a dream about Jesus.  "You had a dream about Jesus?," I said.  "Yes."she said.  What??? This only happens in the Middle East! I hear of it all the time!  Muslims have dreams and visions and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because He speaks to them or they see Him in a dream.

She went on to tell me the whole dream.  I was shaking.  We all were shaking.  There is a family among us who last week were Muslims and now they are among us worshiping Jesus Christ as Savior.  Right here. In our church!

Bibi, who asked us to now call her Ameena, will now tell you, in her own words from her recent baptism, what happened to her.

"My name is Ameena. I was a Muslim for 31 years until December, 2016.  I had a dream of Jesus, I heard His name twice, from then on I couldn't get His name out of my head.  Being a Muslim, I was in a dilemma so I called my mother-in-law to send me her Bible and she did right away all the way from Georgia.  So I began to read the Bible  comparing it to the Quran.  And the Bible speak of this loving God and everything about Him is loving, forgiving and pure.  And then I read John and from that moment I knew in my heart I needed that God and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I cried my eyes out but they were tears of joy because I accepted the Lord in my heart and my heart is finally at peace.  And then I dreamt of Jesus  again and all I heard in the dream was "Communion" and "Baptism" and from that day on I knew I had to get baptized.  For what I understood about baptism it's your personal testimony to and the inward assurance of your passage from the old life to the new life.  It means I have turned from the old life of sin to a new life in Jesus Christ.  It means I am publicly identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  As I'm going to be baptized, I am saying I died with Jesus Christ, I was buried with Him and now I am raised with Christ to brand new life."

Do you feel it?  The awe of God?  He is about saving men. He won't relent until He has it all, all that surrender to His will.

Church, keep on praying  and doing all that Jesus commanded us to do.  Be persistent. When the bowls in heaven fill with prayer, the lost come home.

Pastor Rob