John 16:2: Encountering God's Glory in the Face of Betrayal

by Mike Bickle on February 28, 2023

Dear friends, This is a solid biblical message about how to respond to persecution and betrayal in a godly way. From the video: God has chosen to use betrayal to train and transform His people. We can encounter God’s love for us in a greater way in times when we are betrayed—as the spirit of glory rests on us (1 Pet. 4:14), as we see our deficiencies more clearly, and as we experience God’s love for those who betray us. Showing love to a trusted friend who betrays us dynamically displays God’s supernatural love in us. God allows those who will betray to get into the inner circle of a leadership team in order to train and transform His servants. The apostles were also betrayed by Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. . Saul betrayed David out of jealousy. Absalom betrayed his father David out of ambition to replace him as king. Ahithophel was a close friend and leader in David’s royal court who betrayed David out of revenge (Ps. 41:9; 55:12-14). Korah betrayed out of rebellion. In this video: 1. What is the biblical apostotic view of persecution? 2. David as a model of how to respond to God when mistreated. 3. How God uses persecution and betrayal. 4. How to see those who betray us. Blessings, Mamdouh Riad