Lessons from the Korean Revival

by Dr. Seong Hyun Park on April 10, 2018

Lessons from the Korean Revival
By Dr. Seon Hyun Park

We were blessed to have Dr. Park share on the Korean revival last month at Christ Chapel on Cape Cod. Several people asked for a copy of the message.  A CD recording of Dr. Park’s presentation is available from Christ Chapel upon request. Please contact Gloria Dahl, Office Administrator of Christ Chapel at with your request.

Also, below is another video version of the same message that Dr. Park preached back in September 2017 at a conference in Northfield, MA:


In this video:

* What does the bible mean by the former and latter rain?
* Conditions before the Korean revival.
* The fruit that missionaries experienced prior to the revival.
* What initially happened to the missionaries that were seeking revival?
* What early lessons did the missionaries learn from the word of God about prayer and repentance?
* What sparked the revival in Korea?
* How did the leaders lead the revival? what did they do?
* How the revival preceeded challanging times in Korea.
* How the former and latter rain corresponds to God's move in Korea.

Here is Dr. Park's bio:

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