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by Alan Wilmot on February 11, 2015
Dear Fellow Servants of Christ,
Below is an email from the teacher of the best class on evangelism I've ever attended in my life.
On Saturday, February 21, From 9:00 Am to 2:30 AM we will host Don Sunshine's evangelism class at the Brewster Council on Aging, 1673 Main Street, Brewster MA (the big yellow/orange Victorian building right next to Brewster's Fire Station). Lunch will be provided, please rsvp at (508) 896-2550.
A love offering will be taken at the end to fund Don Sunshine's ministry.
WHY do I think this is the best evangelism training I've been to? Other trainings have offered memorized approaches, memorized conversations that I think stifle a genuine, caring conversation. They also shoehorn you in to a way of sharing your faith that might not be natural for you.
Don's approach is to inspire you with stories of how simple conversations and expressions of caring have led to people accepting our Lord. You will be entertained, you will be inspired, you will begin to feel that you CAN share your faith naturally after all. He then gives you examples, techniques, methods by which you can share your faith yourself. The only way I can imagine that this approach to sharing your faith might not fit with you is if you're an extreme introvert, and in that case a) sharing your faith means you've got to talk to someone about it, and b) you are probably the BEST person to reach someone who is themself an introvert!
The example that stood out in my mind, capture my imagination, is to be seated in a restaurant waiting on a meal, the waiter or waitress comes to you with the meal, and you say "We're about to say grace over this meal. Is there something we can pray for for you?" Sometimes I've gotten "Me? No, I'm good..." but often the person lights up a bit, and one waitress asked me to pray for her grandchildren. This example just scratches the surface.
Look, we all know that "the fields are white unto harvest". Further, there are storm clouds on the horizon, the economy, crime, acts of terror. This may be a rough year, and if something bad happens (like the attack on the World Trade Towers and Pentagon) people will be looking around for someone to help them make sense of things, someone to give them some hope and encouragement. Be prepared! Learn how to share your faith more comfortably! Join us as we listen to Don Sunshine teach us about evangelism!
God bless you all,
Pastor Alan Wilmot
Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Brewster
(508) 896-2550

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From: Don Sunshine <>
Date: Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 10:23 AM
Subject: MAD Promo stuff

Happy New Year Pastor Alan!
I am excited to be coming to your church to minister!  Attached please find a flyer to help promote the upcoming MAD Lifestyle Evangelism Live Event.  You can print and post, or forward to interested pastors, churches, or other individuals.  Please let me know if there needs to be any corrections to the files I sent.


If you contact your local Christian radio stations soon, you should be able to get the event announced on the radio as a PSA (public service announcement).  You may suggest the following wording for the PSA: "Do you feel guilty about not sharing your faith?  How would your life change if every day you could naturally and easily share your faith with one person?  What if on some days it was 2 or 3 people?  Want to learn how?  Attend the 4 hour M.A.D???  Live Event….." .


VERY IMPORTANT!!!!   On my website there is a 2 minute and 42 second intro video that will introduce me to your congregation and give them a feel for what they can expect at the Live Event.  I highly recommend that you show it to the congregation before the event.   In addition, there are some teaser videos which can also be used in the weeks leading up to our Event.  These have proven to be a difference maker in terms of how many of your people will show up for this event on a Saturday.  Let me know if you have any problems downloading them.

The second file is the handout that needs to be printed for each attendee.  Feel free to print on both sides of the paper to save some printing costs; and finally the third file is the evaluation form that needs to be printed for each attendee.

One other thing….I will be ordering some free Gospels of John for those in attendance.  My order is based on your average Sunday morning attendance.  What is that?


Until the whole world hears,

"If you are truly a disciple of Jesus, you will be supernaturally compelled to make disciples of Jesus. True followers of Jesus do not need to be convinced, cajoled, persuaded, or manipulated into making disciples of all nations.  Everyone who follows Jesus biblically will fish for men globally.” 

David Platt - “Follow Me"

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