Mark Your Calendar: Special GOGCC Prayer Meeting with Dr. Paul Jehle

by The GOGCC Leadership Team on August 1, 2017

Special GOGCC Meeting with Dr. Paul Jehle
September 27, 2017
 Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church
3600 Main Street
Brewster, MA

                                             6:30-8:00 pm 

A couple of us on the GOGCC leadership team heard Dr. Jehle give a stirring talk on intercessory prayer at a retreat this spring, and were greatly inspired. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Jehle's desciption of the message:

"The Church in America faces unprecedented times of challenge and opportunity. We can learn lessons from Daniel, who served 70 years in Babylon through four Monarchs. Due to his posture of intercession and perseverance of service, his legacy impacted Persia and created the school of the Magi. Daniel's posture of intercessory prayer is akin to Jesus use of the word "ekklesia" for church and thus the lessons of Daniel's prayer and service are timely for the Church in America today."

Dr. Jehle is the senior pastor of New Testament Church in Plymouth. He is a student of God’s providence in history, and is an excellent speaker. The GOGCC leadership team invited him
to bring that message to our monthly GOGCC prayer meeting next month.

That evening we will modify our usual prayer meeting format to give more time over to the message, while still praising in song and praying. We're letting you know the date early, and we encourage you to make special note of the date and be with us for that evening.

So, Mark your calendars and plan to join us on Wednesday September 27th.

In the meantime, join us this month on August 23rd at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Sandwich, for a time of united prayer!


The Glory of God on Cape Cod team

A Call to United Prayer for Revival (1 min 49 sec video):