Message From an Off Cape Evangelist to the Glory of God on Cape Cod and New England

by Rick Newton on November 25, 2019

To The Glory of God on Cape Cod and New England

  The Father spoke to my heart very clearly and said, “The coming of the GLORY of The Lord; IS AT HAND! I have heard their prayers. Go to New England and carry the Cross....” I knew I needed to be at the November 20 prayer meeting in Dennis Port, MA..

  My name is Rick Newton. I have carried a literal 12 foot cross around the world now for 44 years.  My wife Doreen and I were in North Carolina when that word came to me. So we immediately began preparations to come to New England...  I too, share that burden for Revival in our land. And I wanted to be with this faithful group and pray. I also felt the need to deliver this deep impression that was on my heart.

  I was saved in a genuine move of God in revival in 1972. That encounter with the Holy Spirit transformed my life. So  I have experienced the undeniable power of the manifest presence of God in revival and I know IT is an adequate force to turn this nation around as well as break the pride and darkness griping Cape Code and New England.  Prayer is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal against the enemy because prayer can do anything God can do!..We need to remember that.

  The deep change we seek in our lives and nation finds its origin in us as we synchronize our hearts with Gods. He sees with perfect clarity, the depth to which our nation has fallen. He sees the hurts, the desperation hidden in hearts and homes of America. He is well aware of the sin and division consuming our land. His desire is to replace all of that with a God size HOPE that will pierce that darkness bringing about a life of fullness. But how does it come? Where does it start? It starts in the heart of God! But the journey begins when he sets His people to praying. Which I know you all have been doing for years. I have received the GOGCC news letters for the last 12 years myself. Gods been listening longer than that.

    The fundamental desire of Gods heart is to involve His children:” IF MY PEOPLE “...  It’s a draw in the heart of his children placed there by a rhema or a vision directly to our spirit, that shows the beauty of Gods love for man as seen in the fullness of all that he has made available to us through his son. 

  I, with great joy, witnessed the urgency of the hearts at the “Glory of God in New England” prayer meeting the other night.  I must tell you, like Paul, in Gal 6:9  “Be not weary in well doing for you shall reap in due season if you faint not“. Jeremiah 33:3  says “call on me, I WILL answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not!“.

    Brothers and sisters, press on like good soldiers for The Coming of the Glory of The Lord,  IS AT HAND!!

God bless you ,

God bless America.

Rick and Doreen Newton