New! Birth of a Multi-Church Prayer Movement on the South Shore

by The GOGCC team on March 22, 2019

"So the Lord stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of all the remnant of the people; and they came and worked on the house of the Lord of hosts, their God." Haggai 1:14

Dear friends,

Greetings in Jesus name! We warmly invite you to join us this Sunday 3/24/2019 for the second Glory of God Shouth Shore prayer meeting, held this month at the New Testament Church in Plymouth, 6 pm-7:30 pm.

The Lord stirred a number of pastors and leaders across the South Shore to come together in unity, seeking the Lord together in united multi-church prayer for revival in the South Shore area and beyond.

On January 16,2019, 55 pastors and leaders from various denominations across the South Shore came together at New Hope Chapel in Plymouth to launch this prayer movement, and before the meeting ended, every single pastor and leader present was 100% on board. The entire schedule for the prayer meetings for 2019 (which will be held at a different church each month), was all signed up for before the end of that meeting, except for the December meeting.

The first multi-church prayer meeting was held on February 24th at New Hope Chapel and was  tremenously encouraging to all 250+ that attended. There was a clear sense of the presence of God and the pleasure of God over all present. You can check out a brief recap video of that meeting here.

Here is a personal invitation for this month's meeting from Dr. Paul Jehle, senior pastor of New Testament Church, along with pastor Caleb Eaton, youth pastor of New Hope Chapel.

The Glory of God South Shore is a historic and prophetic movement, and a fulfillent of a prophetic word given to the Glory of God on Cape Cod movement 14 years ago by a pastor from Vancouver, Canada. This pastor is well known and trusted by many pastors on Cape Cod. That prophetic word in essence said that the Lord would also stir other pastors and leaders off Cape with the same thing He stirred us, and it was given only three months after the launch of the Glory of God on Cape Cod prayer movement, at a time when only 5 people gathered to pray in a living room  had heard of the GOGCC vision. This prophetic word has been on our website since its inception under "History".

This is what it said:

" The Lord says unto you ;Don't you ever think that the vision that I have revealed to you and planted in your heart is your own idea, but it is My intention to invade this land that you are in (Cape Cod) with My Spirit/Glory, because there are a few faithful (remnant) souls, that have been crying out to Me, asking for Me to pour down rain on this dry land. And no wonder I have planted this seed in your heart, this vision, that is a small seed that will be watered and watered, till it grows into an enormous/big tree, with many many branches, that will extend to the surrounding/neighboring geographical areas (off Cape), and The exact model that I will give you, will be duplicated in those neighboring areas. Some of My people from South American churches will be part of this and I will cause an awakening/revival among them as well. Therefore I t ell you, be persistent, and diligent, and keep moving in the direction of the vision that I have given you. I will amaze you with one thing, that is some of the leaders that are currently indifferent/unconvinced with this vision, with join you in the near future. Set aside agreed time from all for prayer and fasting. I will remove a lot of evil from this land, and I will bless this land (Cape Cod)."

As you note in the prophetic word, he said that at the time the vision "is a small seed that will be watered and watered, till it grows into an enormous/big tree, with many many branches, that will extend to the surrounding/neighboring geographical areas (off Cape), and The exact model that I will give you, will be duplicated in those neighboring areas. Some of My people from South American churches will be part of this and I will cause an awakening/revival among them as well.

Please see the email from pastor Neil Eaton below to his fellow pastors, where in it he says "We are planning on using this model for the new "Glory of God South Shore."

As you know from Scriptures, the role of the prophetic is to exhort the people of God along their often long journey, to confirm to them that they are moving in the right direction and that the Lord will fulfill His promises.

From: New Hope Office 
Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 5:53 PM
To:  New Hope Office
Subject: From Neil Eaton: You are invited for a Pastor and Leader free lunch

How are you Pastor?

Several of us evangelical pastors have felt called to gather up South Shore churches to pray again.  With the Plymouth 2020 celebrations coming, we sense a renewed hope for revival across our land.  Good things are happening...very good things!  We want to walk through this together with you.

A prayer movement called "Glory of God Cape Cod" has been uniting churches in prayer for many years. They have a wonderful model of gathering people from 25 different churches across Cape Cod and it work works very well.  We are planning on using this model for the new "Glory of God South Shore." Each month a different pastor and church hosts the gathering using their own worship team. 

Check out our new web site:

Free lunch for Pastors and leadersJanuary 16 at 12:00PM: 89 Court Street Plymouth, MA 

This will be a time to gather and learn about the vision and how to participate in what we believe God wants to do in this region. Bring a pastor friend or leader and enjoy lunch on us

Our First Multi-Church Prayer Gathering: This will be held on February 24th at 6:00PM at New Hope Chapel, 89 Court Street, Plymouth, MA

Future gatherings: Each month, different churches will host and provide worship teams at their own locations spread across the South Shore. We will provide these dates, times and locations as soon as we connect with you. 

Please respond and let me know what questions you may have and RSVP for the free lunch.

Embracing His Grace,
Neil Eaton
Senior Pastor
New Hope Chapel of Plymouth


Both the Glory of Cod on Cape Cod and the Glory of God South Shore prayer movements were birthed in the heart of God. Come be a part of what God is doing for sure, be a part of something that was surely birthed in the heart of God before it was birthed into ours.

If you live in the South Shore area we encoyrage you to come to these prayer meetings and email the Glory of God South Shore to get on their email list for future meetings schedule.

And if you live on the Cape, we concourage you to joing us at our monthly prayer meetings. Don't miss out on something that God is doing! Our next meeting is Wednesdy 3/27/19 at New Life Ministries International, 6:30 pm-8 pm.

The Second Great Awakening was marked by united multi-church prayer meetings, and in Jonathan Edwards's writings he says that a key verse for those prayer meetings was Zechariah 8:21: "The inhabitants of one city shall  go to another, saying,'Let us continue to go and pray before the Lord, and seek the Lord of hosts. I myself will go also." 

So join us at these prayer meetings on the South Shore and Cape Cod, and invite your friends to join you!


The Glory of God on Cape Cod team