Opportunities to Reach Summer International Students on Cape Cod

by Cathy Boyle on April 5, 2014
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Every summer, approximately 2,000 international students from over 30 different countries come to Cape Cod on the J1 work and travel program. About 60% of the students come from Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, and the Ukraine. There are also students who come from countries that have a limited gospel witness - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Nepal, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, and others. God sends them to us every summer! We have an amazing opportunity to reach the world for Christ without leaving Cape Cod!

We would like to introduce you to two ways you can become involved in reaching these students for Christ. The first is through the Hello Summer J1 committee. We have two welcome dinners for the students in June. At these dinners, we will ask students if they would like to become a part of the Family Friendship Partners program. In this program, we pair the students with an American family who will ask them over for dinner, take them out for dinner, or take them to a
cultural event. Since the students want to learn about your culture, sharing the gospel can come up naturally in conversation. Through this program, a nominal Muslim woman from Turkmenistan and an Orthodox woman from Belarus came to Christ last summer!

Many students have to find their own housing. Do you have a spare bedroom or a mother-in-law apartment? The Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program pairs students with Christian host families. Hosts may be compensated up to $100 weekly per student depending upon the amenities in the home. The students are responsible for purchasing their own food and supplies. They also must agree to follow the house rules of the host family. Through this program, a nominal Muslim man from Kazakhstan came to Christ last summer!

If you would like to participate in the Family Friendship Partners program, please contact Inna Taylor at If you would like to participate in the Mid-Cape J1 Housing program, please contact Cathy Boyle at
For more information, please watch this video:

Looking forward to working with you in reaching the world for Christ here on Cape Cod!

Andrew and Inna Taylor
Lindsay and Meg Strode
Matt and Robbie Hennigan
Matt and Cathy Boyle
Hello Summer J1

Matt and Cathy Boyle
Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program