Passive Response to our Young people?

by Ann Russell on March 3, 2014
Having recently  received three email messages from young adults who are engaged in reaching out to other young adults with these messages: message of salvation, prayer for revival in the northeast and Cape Cod and spiritual support for those who either, seek, ask or knock  in their search for meaning in their lives, these messages made me do some serious thinking, especially along the lines of application.

At my church this past Sunday the sermon was entitled,  " Freedom from Passivity ".
The text was Luke 5: 17-26.

Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting by Jesus as He was teaching.
A paralyzed man was brought by his friends to Jesus for healing. When Jesus saw the faith of his friends, Jesus said that the man's sins  were forgiven.
Having demonstrated to the Pharisees and teachers of the law that  the Son of Man has authority  on earth to forgive sins, they thought that Jesus was blaspheming the name of God, as only God could forgive sins. What a shock to their belief system!
Jesus  next said to the man to get up,  pick up his bed and to go home. And he got up immediately and went home, praising God! And all were amazed, glorified God, and were filled with fear.

What an amazing God we know, and in our communication with the Lord, do we respond immediately when the Lord tells us to do something? When we do not respond immediately, we are responding with passivity and not acting in God's timing, but our own timing. At the adult Glory to God group meetings we pray fervently for God to intervene in His world, pray for Him to use us, then so often, we wait too long, and may never act on God's behalf.  The opportunity is gone.

As adult believers, are we actively responding to the young adult messages/goals they have shared with us? Can we work with them in a more active and supporting manner?  Where is the unity of God's spirit for which we pray  in our meetings?

Let us respond to Jesus' commands in the manner the man who was paralyzed did. Only then will we see God glorified in our lives, homes and communities. And we will see amazement and fear (respect) for the God we worship on Cape Cod and in the northeast!
Ann Russell RN, MSN