Pastors to share the vision

by anonymous on May 10, 2006
Pastors unanomously sensed and agreed at our 10th May prayer meeting that this is the right time to begin sharing 'The Glory of God on Cape Cod" vision with their congregations in order to establish a Cape wide prayer furnace. Our vision is for the Body of Christ on Cape Cod to collectiveley cry out in one accord for one thing: His Glory amongst us.
Pastors will share the vision over the next few weeks/months with their respective congregations. This vision is summarized in the letter that many of us recently signed.Some of us sense that the Lord has already prepared the hearts of the people for this vision, which comes from Him.
The format might be different from one church to another, but obviously it is up to individual pastors how they want to do this.We sense the importance of speaking with one voice and share the same message as summarized in the letter.
We believe that in the same way the Lord captured and stirred our hearts for this vision, the same will happen to many people in the congregations. This will result in not just a few people praying biweekly at the pastors' Glory of God on CC prayer meeting or monthly at the EMF meetings, but there will be hundreds of people all over Cape Cod that will be united around one vision: the Glory of God on Cape Cod with its subsequent harvest.
People will be praying in various churches on Sunday mornings, at prayer meetings,home cell groups and as individuals for one thing and in one accord: THE MANIFESTATION OF HIS GLORY AMONGST US.