Prophetic Prespective for our Times

by Doug Stringer on January 29, 2014

Prophetic Perspective for our Times-Doug Stringer

Below is a link to an article I wrote and was published in 2010 called, Prophetic Perspective for our Times, that is far more relevant NOW! Here is a quote from A.W. Tozer I included: 
 InThe Gift of Prophetic Insight,” A.W. Tozer wrote about religious leaders who lack understanding of present conditions:
Religious leaders who continue mechanically to expound the Scriptures without regard to the current religious situation are no better than the scribes and lawyers of Jesus’ day who faithfully parroted the Law without the remotest notion of what was going on around them spiritually…The prophets never made that mistake nor wasted their efforts in that manner.  They invariably spoke to the condition of the people of their times.
Today we need prophetic preachers; not preachers of prophecy merely, but preachers with a gift of prophecy.We need the gift of discernment again in our pulpits.  It is not ability to predict that we need, but the anointed eye, the power of spiritual penetration and interpretation, the ability to appraise the religious scene as viewed from God’s position, and to tell us what is actually going on.