Re: In Word or In Power

by Philip Weingart on September 17, 2013
Cape Cod saints,

How many read the message posted to the GGCC site last week, entitled "In Word or In Power," by AW Tozer? The message is long but profound, and needs to be heard by the American Evangelical churches.

If the message of the gospel you are preaching is merely "God will forgive your sins, and you will go to heaven," then you are conveying the false message that Tozer describes. The object of the gospel is to produce an army of men and women reflecting the character of the Christ and zealous to do good works in His name right here on earth (see Titus 2:11-14). Justification without sanctification is dead religion with no purpose. God's kingdom already exists in heaven; it is our task to bring it to earth (see Matthew 6:9-10).

Ironically, though, the corrective is not to try harder. It is, instead, to humbly approach the Father and ask to be changed, with full assurance that He will accomplish what He said He would... and then, patiently to pursue the goal of high calling in Jesus while God uses the hardships of ordinary life to perfect you. Perseverance under hardship is the mark of authentic conversion in the Kingdom of God.

And please, alter your presentation of the gospel to include the power of the Spirit to produce godly character and conduct. We're not just getting people into heaven, we're bringing heaven to earth, one life at a time.

Phil Weingart