Re: Upcoming GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Faith Assembly 6/25/14

by Steve Hawley on June 19, 2014
    In Acts 2:1, 4:31 & 16:25+26 the bible records God moving in a powerful way among His people. The common thread here was not a desire to see God shake the place but a desire for Him and Him alone. They came before Him with no expectation except to be in His presence. In the spirit of Psalm 95 and Psalm 100 they offered songs of thanksgiving, humbled themselves and acknowledged His mighty power. As a result God visited them in dramatic fashion.
    On Wednesday June 25th at 6:30pm we will meet with the same agenda. Our only plan will be to come into the presence of God with songs from our heart and prayers that exalt His name. Our desire will be for Him and Him alone and we will leave the outcome up to Him. Do not worry, this will not be a free for all. We will come prepared with music, fasting and leadership that will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 
    If you have a desire to be in the presence of God I invite you to join us. I invite you regardless of your age, gender, denominational affiliation or nationality. All we ask is that you bring a desire to be with Him. We are located at 154 Bearses Way in Hyannis (across from the school). Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Steve Hawley
Faith Assembly of God
Hyannis, MA
"Affecting lives for eternity"