Re: Upcoming GOGCC Prayer Meeting at New Life

by Stephen Russell on February 17, 2014
Dear Brethren,
In our preparation for next week's Glory of God prayer meeting at New Life (February 26th at 6:30 pm) two Scriptures came to mind:  Song of Songs 2:14, "Let Me see your face, let Me hear your voice...." as well as the account of King Jehoshaphat's victory over the surrounding nations as recorded in 2 Chronicles 20. 
You may recall that the Dennis Police force attended the previous Glory of God meeting held a year ago at New Life, giving details about the extensive crime and drug related problems in our particular area. As a church we have for many years contended for breakthrough in various areas in Dennis Port such as the breaking of poverty, high incidence of family dysfunction, broken homes and the huge percentage of people trapped in the grip of substance abuse. In 2 Chronicles we read how King Jehoshaphat called a fast for the nation and then summoned the people to worship their God. The resounding victory for the Israelites was brought about through worship. As a church we were led to make this shift to worship in our own corporate prayer meetings over the last few months. 
At this coming gathering at New Life we want to facilitate this greater emphasis on worship in response to His invitation from Song of Songs, "Let Me see your face, let Me hear your voice". We invite you to join us in worship, Scripture reading and prayers specifically focused on uplifting the Lord over our area.
Warm greetings,