Regrettable Cancellation of Our February 21 Evangelism Training with Don Sunshine

by Alan Wilmot on February 17, 2015
Dear Church Family and Friends,
Due to concerns over the weather potentially decreasing turnout for our Saturday 21 class on evangelism, we have regrettably cancelled the event. We intend to reschedule PS, Post Snow.
Last Saturday I received a call from the trainer, Don Sunshine, telling me that he'd scheduled a class in Boston the day after ours, but they cancelled because they felt the snow would decrease attendance. You're of course aware that the Boston area has more snow than we do. Seriously, it means that this coming weekend has already lost half it's productivity for Don.
At first we thought we'd see how the latest storm would leave us. While indeed it didn't seem as bad as the forecasts warned us, Tuesday (today) is forecast to have 1 - 4 or 2 - 6 inches accumulation, depending who you ask, more on Wednesday (an inch or so), and Saturday the forecast was for some snow in the morning, then possibly snow AND ICE in the afternoon.
God only knows what the forecast will be later this week, but for planning purposes Don, ACR's Vestry (governing committee) and I felt that surely attendance would suffer on a weekend that already had a class cancel. So, we decided to reschedule later this year.
It disappoints me because I strongly believe Christians need to get more effective at sharing our faith and carrying out the great commission. But evangelism is important enough to schedule a class when the most people will attend.
So, please look for an email to come later, perhaps in a month or so, announcing a new date for the class. Don Sunshine's class on sharing your faith is worth waiting on.
And if any of you are praying for snow, you can stop now. Instead of praying for snow to fall, let's pray for the power of the Spirit to fall.
God bless you all,
Pastor Alan Wilmot