Report and Video on the United Night of Worship (UNOW) Cape Cod

by Ed de la Cour on May 13, 2014


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by Ed de la Cour

Whenever the Body of Christ – or a solid representative sampling of that Body – gathers together for worship and prayer, it is a very good thing!  Over nearly thirty years, we on Cape Cod have been blessed with a growing appreciation for the whole Church of Jesus Christ.  In those early years, such gatherings were tentative and rocky as people sought to find ways to work together.  Although those early efforts were bathed in prayer, God’s Church moved exceedingly slowly, frustrating many but energizing some to continue to seek God’s face in prayer.  We certainly have a long ways to go, but truly we have seen and we have experienced the blessing of God upon us.

Last year, Cape Cod churches worked to together to hold an outdoor Sunday worship service on the Hyannis Green on September 29, 2013.  It was a day filled with joyful worship and the presence of God was noticeably and keenly felt.

This blessing found us again on Saturday, May 10, 2014, as United Night of Worship, led by Zenzo Matoga, came to Cape Cod.  Twenty-three churches agreed to join together.  The churches and pastors ranged from denominational and non-affiliated, evangelical and Charismatic, liturgical and Pentecostal churches.

The worship music also ranged between modern and loud worship songs, and traditional hymns.  The music was fun, enjoyable, and Christ-centered.  From the viewpoint of this observer, the greatest moments came when Nick Gatzke spoke on the evangelistic need of this area, when John-Paul Lotz responded prophetically, and when the collected pastors prayed.  There were three major movements of prayer during the evening.  In the first season of prayer, ten pastors prayed concerning the foundations of our culture.  The second season of prayer, seven pastors prayed concerning repentance for our own failure to honor the Lord and for God to move the people of His church in evangelism.  In the third time for payer, the whole congregation was asked to cry out to God for Cape Cod.  The prayers of the pastors of Cape Cod were deep and passionate and powerful.  It was humbling to hear and sense the embrace of God our Father in those moments.

We come together, worship together, and work together because we have come to believe God loves it when He sees His children living in love, walking in harmony, and working in peace.  John 17:23 unity brings the manifestation of Psalm 133:3 blessing.