Report on May 22 GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Falmouth Church of the Nazarene

by Buddy Washburn on June 1, 2013


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,


On Wednesday, May 22nd, we were blessed with the presence of God. We were affirmed and encouraged by several during the open mike prayer time that we do need to shed tears in our prayers for REVIVAL.


Psalms 126:5 tells us “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” We have started to take time to shed tears for our lost love ones, friends, neighbors, community and world.  But most of all we have started to shed tears for REVIVAL in our individual lives, churches, on Cape Cod and our country!


We cannot stop – we have to be faithful in our prayers – develop groups of believers to start crying out to God. He will answer our prayers, He has answered this type of prayer so many times in the Bible and in recorded Church history.


Lets continue to meet together at the next Glory of God on Cape Cod Prayer Meeting on June 26 at Faith Assemblies of God in Hyannis - their website for directions:


I'll see you there.






Buddy Washburn, Falmouth COTN