Report on our GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Living Hope Family Church

by Erik Eskelund on December 14, 2012


A Summary of Wednesday's Meeting:
Thanks goes to all who attended the prayer meeting hosted by Living Hope Family Church this past week. I applaud your faithfulness, which is before the Lord, not men.

While the meeting followed the format we have become familiar with, there were a few noteworthy, take-home elements I would like to share:

1. We heard the remarkable account of the reclaiming of harsh swamps and barren wilderness by kibbutz members in the Jezreel Valley in the late 1930's, which reclaimed land became a fruitful Eden within a generation after having lain barren for a thousand years. The challenge we received was two-fold; namely i) barren land can become fruitful again, and ii) a generation that collectively embraces inconvenience in order to overcome their obstacles will leave their children a legacy that is far better than what they themselves received.

2. We were reminded very vividly of the value of sharing meals with others, particularly those who don't know the Lord. After the resurrection, our Lord revealed Himself in the breaking of the bread. Perhaps He will do the same again. A challenge was issued for each of us to invite an unreached friend to our table before the next Glory of God prayer meeting in January.

3. We were also challenged to remain sober minded and focused, able to rightly discern the times. Darkness shall cover the earth... but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. Isa. 60:2

Please take note that the next meeting will be held at New Life Church in Dennis in Wednesday, January 23rd.

May the fragrance of Christ be ever with you!

Merry Christmas,

Erik Eskelund

Pastor, Living Hope Family Church