Report on the August 8th GOGCC Public Worship and Prayer Gathering at the Hyannis Green

by Stephen Russell on August 10, 2021

Dear fellow believers,

We gathered this past Sunday afternoon on the Hyannis Green in what turned out be a wonderful demonstration of unity, the church worshipping, and prayers centered upon the kingdom of God through Scriptural apostolic prayers.

Folk from Hyannis Main Street and the surrounding area were using the Green as a thoroughfare, and were all exposed to the excellence of the music team’s well thought out song list, Dr. Mike Allen’s inspiring gospel message and of course the targeted prayers of the pastors.

We were about one hundred and ten folk from many different backgrounds and denominations, representing the variety and beauty of the Bride of Chirst.

We received this testimony from Nancy S. from Osterville Baptist Church:

"We had broken up into small groups toward the end of the meeting. A young woman joined our group. When it was her time to pray, she was telling God it had been too long, with soft tears coming down her face. After prayer, she told us more… that she is an au pair from South Africa, staying with a family in Osterville. She was supposed to go to the beach that day but instead came to Hyannis. “I was just walking by” and she joined the prayer circle. She continued to be moved to tears, stating she really missed feeling this way and misses home. She seemed to connect with several women from the prayer group and contact information was shared to reconnect another day. She was also introduced to another pastor and his wife from South Africa at the prayer meeting. I think thats what we call a Holy Spirit ambush!"

To all those that participated and worked behind the scenes, thank you.

Our next Gathering will be on Sunday September 12th, 4-6 pm at the soccer field of Wing School in Sandwich. 

Looking forward to seeing you then!

With much appreciation,

Pastor Stephen Russell
New Life Christian Center
486 Dennisport, MA 02639