Report on the August GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

by Mike Allen on August 28, 2017
Night of Passionate Prayer and Praise Glorifies God


Dear Brothers and Sisters Christ,

Thank you for coming out last night to pray for God to manifest his glory in our midst on Cape Cod.  The purpose of our monthly prayers is to call out to God together in unity, holiness, and humility for our Lord to be glorified through us, His church.  The theme of the night was to “Call out to God”, with the promise that when we call out in fervency, humility, and persistence God delights to “Answer.”  After a rousing collection of much-loved songs, several folks prayed with hearts desperately in love with Christ and hungry to see Him work in our midst.  Many shared remarkable stories of how God has worked recently in very moving and practical ways. We prayed in small groups with thanksgiving, asking God to continue to manifest His Kingdom in our midst.

It just touches my heart so much, each time we gather together – it’s that kind of feeling that you know deep in your soul:  “This is SO RIGHT!”  It is good and “so right” that we call out to God together. It is “so right” that we come in humility with no egos or personal agendas but God’s glory. It is “so right” that our hearts are stirred to cry out to our loving Lord in recognition of our total dependence upon Christ and His grace.  It is “so right” that this love continues to demonstrate itself through us, the family of God.

So, in short, “THANKS!”  For hungering for God. For loving one another. For praying for your communities and families.  Keep on “Calling” out to our loving Father, who delights to “Answer.”

Mark your calendars to join us at next month’s Glory of God on Cape Cod prayer event:

Wednesday, September 27th, 6:30-8:00pm
Cape Cod Bible Alliance
3600 Main Street, Brewster, MA

http://capecodbiblealliance. org/

Continue to seek God’s glory – it is becoming reality!

Pastor Mike Allen

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship