Report on the August GOGCC Prayer Meeting at New Life Christian Center

by Stephen Russell on August 23, 2018

Greetings fellow believers in Christ.

New Life had the privilege of hosting the Glory of God’s monthly mid-week prayer gathering. Pastor Stephen spoke about the challenge of Christ to the church in Ephesus found in Revelations 2:4-5; they had lost their ‘first love’. The passage points out three actions in order to avoid being removed by God; (1) Remember. Recall that first love attitude and lifestyle you had when you met Christ and experienced salvation. (2) Repent. This is not a slight adjustment, tweak, nor even mere remorse or mental assent. This is a 180 degree about-face of mind, heart and direction you are in. The result is a lifeclearly shining for Jesus! (3) Do the first works. The passage challenges us as believers to do what was the norm for the early church and that kept her in loyal-love to her Bridegroom, Jesus. These foremost in time, order and importance, were worship, prayer, Bible study, witnessing, giving, fasting and service to others. Our hope is ‘first love’ will be freshly ignited in your heart for Jesus.

We invite you to the next meeting, here are the details: September 26, 6:30pm at IPR Cape Cod Church: