Report on the February GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Faith Assembly of God

by Steve Hawley on March 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

Last night we enjoyed a fantastic time of worship and prayer with believers from all over Cape Cod. Tori Welch and Pastor Erik Eskelund led a time of worship that resulted in the presence of God felt by all.

Our devotion focused on Jesus' instruction to be on guard and stay awake. In several places He encourages us to stay awake and be watchful for his return. He also asked his disciples to stay awake and watch while praying. In several places the disciples found this difficult and they fell asleep. In Luke 9:28-32 they fell asleep while Jesus was meeting with Moses and Elijah. The good news is that they were awakened in order to see the glory of God.

Our prayer began with that focus, "God, would you awaken us, our church and our neighbors to see your glory!" This was followed by a time of prayer for loved ones and small group prayer focused on sending messengers. There was a great sense of unity and expectation for what God is and will do.

Or next meeting will be held on March 28th at Christ Chapel in Centerville, MA.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve Hawley
Faith Assembly of God
Hyannis, MA