Report on the February GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Faith Assembly of God

by Steve Hawley on February 23, 2017
Dear Friends,

    Last night we enjoyed a superb time of worshiping God and praying together. You could feel the presence of God as He descended in our midst.

    After a time of worship we looked at several scriptures in Acts that spoke of the believers being together. This together was more than being in the same place at the same time. They were of one mind. When the believers were of of mind amazing spiritual things occurred. Romans 15:5-6 tells us that this one mind comes when we have the attitude of Christ toward each other as He has toward us. If we are truly going to be "together" we must act towards one another as Christ acted towards us. Then we will see incredible spiritual happenings.

    Afterwards we offered prayers of thanksgiving to God and prayed for the upcoming Thrive Conference on March 10-11. The time went quickly and we closed by giving God glory.

Next month's prayer meeting will be held at Chatham Community Church on March 22nd. Their website is South Chatham Community Church , we hope to see you there!

South Chatham Community Church

We're glad you have dropped by the South Chatham Community Church website! We are located in Chatham, Massac...

Pastor Steve Hawley
Faith Assembly of God
Hyannis, MA
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