Good Afternoon Church!


Our God is so amazing! AMEN? Amen!!!!!!


I would like to share with you the power and the goodness of our God! Last night at GoGCC Prayer Gathering, there a woman there who came in to the building with a very sharp pain and discomfort in her upper back. She was in a lot of pain. While we were taking communion together, she felt “HIS” hand touch her back. As the scriptures were read regarding the blood of Christ in 1 Cor. 11 and then prayer was offering as we were all receiving the communion together, a prayer was offered that “…by the stripes on the back of Christ, by the blood of Jesus we are healed”, she felt the hand remove from her back and there was no pain!


Another man testified the following. “It had been a difficult week between my wife and I. Things were not going well relationally. We were at each other’s nerves and the hurt seem to continue to pile on with every passing day. Anyway, right during the time that the Holy Spirit was telling us at the prayer meeting to repent, my wife texted me on my phone repenting of the sin that she had committed in our relationship. She wanted to ask my forgiveness and told me that she loved me. This morning (Thursday) we talked and will be staying committed to what God has for us. My wife and I are humbled and honored that though she was not at the prayer gathering, right in our living room, the Lord was moving on her heart to make things right. I will be a husband that she can lean on and follow as I follow Christ!”


Church, I so believe this happened due to the atmosphere in the room - the church coming together to worship the Lord! There was a spirit of honor and reverence in the house last night. Living Hope Church Worship Team help us get to a place of worship that was amazing! Thank You! As we took communion together, what a special spirit was in the room!


WOW!!!! Praise the Lord! You church, God is moving in You! The embers are getting hotter! Are we ready? Last night I shared with the Church a brief message entitled “Praying Power = Standing Power”. I have shared the mp3 file for you to listen to if you would like to hear it.


The bottom line of the evening was that we need to pray for the souls of the Cape! There is sin and a plague all around us. We have to be like Rizpah in 2 Sam. 21, who beat the birds of the air and the beasts of the field from tearing at their flesh. We have to fight for the dead people that are living on the Cape. We have to stand in the gap for the people all around us that are held captive my drugs, alcohol, and false intimacy (sex, pornography, illicit relationships, etc…) We the church cannot stand and watch these people around us be wiped out.


In order to stand and fight the battle that is around us, we have to stand as Rizpah stood between her 2 dead sons. The only we are going to stand is to pray! Luke 18:1 admonishes us to pray, and never give up! We have to stay at it, keep on praying! Luke 18:8, Jesus asks a powerful question… “When the Son of Man returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?” The answer is as Rizpah stood between her 2 dead sons, how are we standing!


Numbers 16:46-50 shows a very passionate picture of Moses and Aaron running to the people to stand among them with the presence of the Lord! There had already been close to 15,000 that had died, for the Lord’s anger burned due to the plague of sin among them! Verse 48 tells a very STRONG statement as to what happens when we stand (among them, with them, for them – In Prayer, In Service, In Love…) It says, “And there He stood, between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped!” We have to stand!


Following the word, we invited the Pastors of the Cape to come lead us in prayer. Several Pastors prayed, but one prayer changed the destiny of the evening. Pastor Earl from Marston’s Mills Community Church, prayed. He began to REPENT. The flood gates broke wide open. From 7:30 to 8:30 the church gathered in repentance from sin, attitudes, from actions, etc… Some were weeping, some kneeling at the altars, some grasping hands, etc… The Holy Spirit truly touched His Church! Words cannot describe the anointing in the house of the Lord last night! It was real, it was tangible, is weighty, it was AWESOME! (I have always wanted to use that word in the right way!)


Following the service a Pastor and His wife shared with us that they had received a vision. The Lord was taking us all as wheat seeds in the Harvest time. As they die at the end of the plant, they were being ever so gently blown to fall to the ground and die completely to sprout up new life in various areas of the Cape! Come on Holy Spirit! Come on Jesus! Blown your fresh wind on us!


We all come from varied traditions and backgrounds, but all of us have been changed by the power of Jesus! Let’s be the salt and the light! Let’s pray without ceasing! Let’s Stand Between the Living and the Dead! Let’s see the plague stop on Cape Cod!


Next month we meet on Nov. 20th, 2013 at Mid-Cape Worship Center in Dennis Port. Address: 142 Depot St, Dennis Port, MA 02639 Phone:(508) 394-2345 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (508) 394-2345 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Let’s truly continue to come together and let the winds of the Holy Spirit blow the embers of revival into the Fire of Revival!


God’s Best to you and Yours! Keep Praying, Keep Standing!


One Heart,