Report on the GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Trinity Christian Academy

by Ben Haskell on April 3, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


What a wonderful meeting at Trinity Christian Academy last night!  The theme for the evening was “Multi-generational”.  All who attended Glory of God on Cape Cod last night were blessed and encouraged as they witnessed our youth singing, witnessing, and fervently praying.  TCA students lead about 160 of us in worship.  Headmaster Ben Haskell briefly shared Scriptures and thoughts from Psalm 127:1-3; Isaiah 59:21; Luke 1:17; and I Timothy 4:12 which focused on God’s plan for parenting, impacting young people for Christ, passing down a godly heritage to those coming after us, and revival across all generations.  Two students briefly shared how adults inspired them to serve God with their lives.  Pastors and lay people prayed for families, churches, the lost, and revival on Cape Cod.  The evening concluded with adults fervently praying for young people followed by young people fervently praying for adults.  I believe the Lord is encouraging every generation to rise up, trust Him, and to do great things in His Name wherever He has placed us.


Please continue to lift up our youth.  They are growing up in a culture which has no absolutes and a lack of values.  Right is called wrong and wrong is called right.  The culture propagates a faith in self and not in Christ.  In spite of this, many know there has to be more than this.  They are starved to see and experience what God has for them.  You can be that living example of Christ to them.  You can believe with them and give them opportunity to step out in faith. 


Please plan to attend the next Glory of God on Cape Cod prayer meeting on Wednesday, April 23 at The Cause Church in Hyannis.  You find directions by going to the website for directions.




Ben Haskell

Trinity Christian Academy