Report on the January GOGCC Prayer Meeting at First Baptist Church in Pocasset

by Ed de la Cour on January 30, 2014
Dear Friends,
Last evening, our church was honored to host the regional monthly prayer gathering of The Glory of God on Cape Cod.  Although the meeting was postponed from last week because of the blizzard, our desire to meet together with God has noticeably grown since these meetings began.  We have seen love for the Church and unity between brethren increase.  Worship is wonderfully blessed by God's presence, whether we are graced by selections from the choir of Mashpee Baptist Church or by the ministry of a worship team, as last evening.  We are learning that God doesn't care about the style of the music we sing; He cares about the heart of His people.  
Attendance was good last night and the participation of those in the crowd was excellent.
In my opening remarks, I asked that we focus on praying together, not coming to the microphone to speak but to pray, and those gathered honored that request.  The recent report from the American Bible Society and the Barna Group underlines the desperate need of our region, as the Providence and New Bedford area is ranked as the lowest Bible-minded area in the nation.  Believing and fervent prayer is essential, and we must pray if we are to see this change and our Cape Cod become a beacon for Hope in Christ.
The evening's theme seem to focus on Cape Cod belonging to God, unity, the Spirit's anointing on the ministry of the Gospel here, along with a poignant plea from Matthew 11: 28 and Psalm 46.  The concluding Scripture was Ephesians 3: 14 - 21.
Please plan to attend and take part in the next Glory of God on Cape Cod regional prayer meeting on February 26, 2014, at 6:30 P.M.  We will meet at New Life Christian Center, 486 Main Street, Dennisport.  Directions can be found at New Life's webpage:!contact/c22q4
Thank you for your commitment to God's vision for a Cape Cod redeemed and living in the freedom of Jesus Christ!
See you next month.
In Jesus,
Pastor Ed de la Cour