Report on the January GOGCC Prayer Meeting at First Baptist Church of Pocesset

by Glenn Stone on January 26, 2017


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our monthly prayer gathering last night was a blessing to all who attended.  We were encouraged to remain faithful and consistent in our prayer for Cape Cod.  In Genesis 26, Issac was faced with opposition from the Philistines who filled in all the wells dug by Abraham.  As Issac opened the stopped up wells for the flow of life giving water, the Philistines would oppose him and take away the source of water.  Issac continued to dig more wells for water until God fulfilled his covenant promises and brought his enemies into a peaceful covenant with him.  We want the spiritual wells of Christ's life flowing on Cape Cod.  Let's continue to pray and open the source of living waters to Cape Cod and trust God to fulfill his covenant promises.

We had a Spirit-led and inspired time of prayer for the churches and pastors on Cape Cod as well as praying for the prodigals to return to the Lord.  A word of encouragement was given to the pastors to be like Gideon who trusted the Lord for the victory in battle with an army of only 300.  The key to this victory was releasing the light of Christ within and listening to the voice of God.  May the Lord let his light to shine through each of us as we respond to his voice directing us forward!

Our next Glory of God prayer meeting will be held at Faith Assembly of God in Hyannis ( on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.  

For Christ's Glory,

Pastor Glenn Stone