Report on the July 18th Public GOGCC Worship and Prayer Gathering

by Mike Pratt on July 20, 2021


Hello saints of the Most High God!

On Sunday, July 18, approximately 140 people from different churches across the Cape gathered on the Chatham Community Center Green in Chatham Mass to worship almighty God and to pray. 

The weather was questionable leading up to the start of the prayer meeting but throughout the meeting the temperature was wonderfully mild and the clouds and intermittent sun made the atmosphere wonderful for the people gathered on the green.  There was a steady soft breeze that kept the bugs and heat at bay!  The prayer meeting started a few minutes after 4 PM and ended just before 6 PM.  Approximately 18 pastors and leaders prayed and read scripture during the prayer meeting.

The musicians gathered at the north end of the Community Center Green under a large tree.  The people who were gathered sat to the south of the musicians on lawn chairs that the people brought.  The wind was a slight problem in keeping the musician’s music sheets in place but the issue was easily overcome.

Dr. Mamdouh Riad of the Glory of God on Cape Cod and Pastor Mike Pratt of Redemption Rock Church in South Chatham facilitated the prayer meeting.  The theme of the prayer meeting was “One Body – One Family.”

The music ministry was a combined effort of the worship leaders from Gateway Church (Rob Cummings), New Life Christian Fellowship (Lisa Hodges) and IPR church in Hyannis (Marcelo Franco).  The music was a combination of acoustic guitars, electric keyboard and a box drum.  The music was anointed and everyone in attendance seemed to connect with God through it.

The prayers that were brought before the Lord included many different subjects and petitions.  A few of the subjects of prayer included salvation for the lost and unbelieving people of Cape Cod.  We also prayed for the unity of the Evangelical churches of Cape Cod.  And we prayed for revival across the Cape and that revival would begin in the churches gathered in Chatham today.  Prayers and music mingled for the better part of an hour while pastor after pastor and leader after leader petitioned God in prayer.  It was an exciting thing to witness.

As the prayer meeting progressed, a yellow school bus pulled up near the place where the people were praying and the Chatham Athletics baseball team filed off the bus and past the prayer meeting.  There was to be a baseball game starting at 7 PM on the other side of the hill from the green where the prayer meeting was being held.  Between approximately 60 and 100 people gathered in the bleachers for the baseball game before the prayer meeting was over.  The people gathered for the baseball team certainly heard every word lifted in prayer and every lyric of the praise songs sung.  We pray that God leads someone to faith in Jesus as a result of God’s Word being planted in their heart!

We received another testimony from a sister in the body of Christ:

" When I arrived in Chatham I couldn't find the park where the gathering was. I asked around and a young lady who was a Good Samiritan accompanied me to help me find the field.  She is a Mexican girl, her name is Mirian with an "n" and has no religion, so I am absolutely thrilled that you gave her a copy of the music and she sang the first song alongside of me before leaving to continue her walk.  The first song:  "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see You." I just happened to be wearing a little bracelet with a cross on it which I gave to her as a token of gratitude for her kindness.  A lovely encounter!  A divine appointment! " 

There was a definite secondary theme during the prayer meeting.  The theme was identified by several pastors who read scripture and prayed for the youth of Cape Cod.  They petitioned God to raise up the next generation of leaders from the youth who are living on Cape Cod.  Prayers were also presented asking God to raise up godly youth leaders and pastors who will guide the youth of Cape Cod as they mature in their faith.

During the last 15 minutes of the prayer meeting, the musicians quietly played instrumental music while the people in attendance gathered in small groups of 6 – 8 to pray for revival and unity among the churches.  It was refreshing to see people from different churches gathering for prayer in the small groups.

Before the small group prayer time ended, Dr. Riad announced that one of the audience members thought that God wanted us all to form one large circle while holding hands to sing one last song.  It was wonderful to see young and old, black and white, Asian, Brazilian and Jamaican people singing and holding hands in unity and love!

Pastor Mike Pratt closed the meeting with a prayer of consecration and submission to God’s will.  Many people stayed a while after the meeting concluded as they talked and visited with one another.

All in all this was an amazing gathering of like-minded people who love Jesus and want to see unity and revival happen in the churches on Cape Cod! 

Our next gathering will be on Sunday August 8th, 4-6 pm at the Hyannis Village Green, 367 Main Street, Hyannis. Mark your calendar, plan to join us and invite your friends!

Until next month in Hyannis, let’s remember to pray!

In His service,

Mike Pratt
Redemption Rock
195 Meeting House Rd.
S. Chatham, MA 02659
(508) 432-8022 office