Report on the July Cape-wide GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Osterville Baptist Church

by Nick Gatzke on July 30, 2013
Dear Fellow Co-Laborers,
Last week we had an enjoyable time of prayer together at Osterville Baptist.  As I think back on our meeting together, the thing that most strikes me is that our prayers were all very clearly directed toward the Lord himself.  There was little talking but a lot of singing and lot of praying.  Your expressions to Him were deep and beautiful and it was so enjoyable to spend our time together focussed in this way.  May we continue to grow in our corporate prayer and may the Lord continue unfolding His plan in our midst as we do.  We will not give up praying for revival and we await the day of the Glory of God being made more fully known on the Cape.
Many of you have asked for a link to the video about the 1857 revival that started in New York that we showed at the meeting.  You can find it on Youtube here: 1857 Global Revival.
Our next corporate prayer meeting will be held at Outer Cape Christian Church in Truro on August 28th at 6:30pm.  For directions, please go their website:
I look forward to our continued ministry together.
All for His glory,
Pastor Nick Gatzke
Osterville Baptist Church