Report on the July GOGCC Prayer Meeting at the Brazilian AOG

by Dennis DaSilva on July 24, 2014

Dear friends!

We had an awesome service last night at the GOGCC prayer meeting!! 

God definitely moved among His church and His presence was felt in a very powerful way through the worship team, His word and fervent prayer led by all local pastors who attended the service.

God is calling us, the Body of Christ, to reposition ourselves according to His will, so we can all live and be part of the revival He has planned for this region. Like Peter, we are to refocus in the love of Jesus and in the presence of the Holy Spirit to be able to fulfill our call with boldness. Remember, God gave us a Spirit of power that does not fail!

May God continue to bless all of us!

I'm looking forward to the next meeting. It is going to happen on 8/27 at the Outer Cape Church in Truro. For more information please check their website at

In Christ,

Pr. Dennis DaSilva
Brazilian AOG