Report on the June GOGCC Prayer Meeting at New Life Christian Center

by Stephen Russell on June 29, 2017

Wednesday’s Glory of God meeting at New Life in Dennis Port focussed the prayer on the regional church seeking the wisdom of God not only for our region, but for the church to make this wisdom of God “known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms…” (Ephesians 3:10). 

In looking at this particular passage, it was emphasized that the regional church’s authority lies within her organic creation by the Lord for that region, and she is to take up the responsibility for the spiritual condition of her particular sphere of influence. It goes without saying that Christ’s issuing of the great commission comes with delegated authority to accomplish His will here on earth “as it is in heaven”. Geographical regional authority therefore is neither an individualistic venture, nor is it created synthetically through denominational structures. It is the church in unity, love and the honoring of all parts of Christ’s body as important and necessary for the “work of the ministry”.    

Thank you to all who worshipped and prayed with us at New Life. 

The next Glory of God on Cape Cod meeting will be held on July 27 at Osterville Baptist Church. Their website for information is See you there!

Stephen Russell I Pastor - New Life.