Report on the November GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Mid-Cape Worship Center

by Henry Perry on November 21, 2013
Last night's Cape Wide prayer meeting at Mid-Cape Worship Center was awesome, uplifting and thought provoking for the future of the Revival. God found a way to change the order and direct the flow that centered on the message that the people who stand in the gap in prayer for the church of God will hear from God and will do the work of God. Most of the pastor led prayers were prophetic based on Isaiah this was followed by communion, The group prayer based on the seven spheres of influence were vibrant. The open mike testimonies at the end of the service were faith building and prophetic as well. Miracles and outreaches are already beginning to happen. As a personal observation, this is the third wave of Cape wide prayer that I have been involved with in my 35 years of ministry on Cape Cod. The first died in a few years due to lack of interest, the second "Concerts of Prayer" went on longer but caused friction by introducing contemporary worship to conservative churches- seemingly bringing division and bringing the concerts to a halt. In reality the Concerts of Prayer were a catalyst for changes that have brought so many churches of various denominations closer together in real worship and real faith. What I see that is different about this third wave of prayer is a greater unity and a perseverance that could push through until the return of Christ. I also see a greater willingness to grow in Faith and hold onto one another regardless of differences. "You are my brother and you are my sister, let's pray!" With that we look forward to the next prayer meeting Wednesday Dec. 18th at Mashpee Baptist Church, your brother in Christ, Pastor Perry 


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