Report on the October GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Cape Cod Church

by Brittany Feldott on October 17, 2019
Good Afternoon Everyone!

We want to thank all of you who were able to join us last night (and braved the "bomb cyclone!"), for an awesome evening of prayer and worship in Falmouth. For those who weren't able to join, you can check out a video of the service here.

Cape Cod Church was humbled to host, as we lifted up families in our community together. We were encouraged to see nearly 200 people come out last night - including 7 students from Pastor Robson Ferreira's teen ministry and student preaching team at IPR Church! The future is bright! 

Much thanks to all of the pastors who led us in prayer, and especially Rev. Ed de la Cour for guiding us through a time of reflection, conversational prayer, and meditation on Psalm 85 - I got to experience the psalmist's prayer in a new way, and I imagine many others did as well! 

We also prepared our hearts for prayer by revisiting Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17... noting that when we pray for people's circumstances, we aren't only fulfilling their human needs out of kindness: we're also reflecting God's character, and enabling them to encounter the heart of God personally. And all relationships begin with personal encounters! On Cape Cod, may many "your God" statements become "THE God" proclamations!

Next month, we gather on the other side of the Bass River Bridge, Wednesday, November 20, at New Life Christian Center in Dennisport with Pastor Stephen Russel. Please note this will be the third week of the month. An invite from Pastor Stephen to follow shortly!

We've attached some photos of last night's gathering (individually, in case you'd like to download any for your churches)- see you next month!

In Unity,
Brittany and Pastor Ben
Brittany Feldott
Pastoral Associate | Cape Cod Church