Report on the October GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Redemption Rock Church

by Mike Pratt on October 29, 2016


WOW ! ! !


What an amazing time of prayer, praise and fellowship we had this past Wednesday night at the Glory of God on Cape Cod Prayer Meeting!  Thank you SO MUCH for joining us at Redemption Rock for a wonderful time in God’s presence as we joined our faith together to hear from God.


I was humbled and honored to speak to you about the importance of discipleship and its role in seeing revival here on Cape Cod.  I am absolutely convinced that when Jesus told us in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all nations he was commanding all of us Christians to get serious about our life and faith and to indeed, go and make disciples.

If you remember, I reminded us that as parents, we would never bring our newborn baby home and leave him to fend for himself in growing up to be mature, fruit-bearing member of society.  That is, we nurture and care for our newborn children until they are able to care for themselves.  Well, the same should be true for the newborn-“again” Christian.  When we neglect coming alongside a newborn-again believer, we are leaving that person to fend for themselves in learning about the Christian life.  We should, instead, come alongside him or her and spend time nurturing their newfound faith so as to help them grow into the mature, fruit-bearing Christian God wants them to become.

When that is our mission (as outlined by Jesus in Matthew 28) and when we continue in it with perseverance and steadfastness, we will see revival happen here on Cape Cod.  I submit to you that revival will not happen here on Cape Cod until each of us gets serious about discipleship

I used a graphic to demonstrate this fact when I spoke to you on Wednesday.  You can see that graphic by clicking here.  (Scroll to the middle of the page to see the graphic I used.)  Through that graphic, I explained that if just one of us would get serious about discipleship and would fulfill Jesus’ command to go and make disciples, after 12 years of doing so, we would see major revival throughout our country.  As a matter of fact, we would see 16,777,216 disciples going into the world and continuing to make more disciples!  Is that exciting or WHAT?!?

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at  I’d love to hear from you!


Our next GOGCC Prayer meeting is at the Brazilian Assembly of God on 11/16, from 7-8:30 pm (not 6:30-8)


I can’t wait for the next GGCC Prayer Meeting!  I hope to see each of you there!  In the meantime, Go and make disciples!


Your Servant,


Mike Pratt



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