Report on the One Heart Service

by Ed de la Cour on September 30, 2013

Report on One Heart 
by Ed de la Cour

One Heart was a history-making worship gathering made possible by a group of pastors who allowed themselves to grow in love for each other, who were willing for God to receive the glory and not themselves.  One Heart was made possible by churches were willing to step outside the box of normal every Sunday worship and step into what might have been uncomfortable worship with potentially unfamiliar churches.  How wonderful to see so many willing to set aside those fears and step boldly into joyful worship!  How wonderful to get through a multi-church worship event without a single pastor drawing attention to himself or his church!  Jesus received all the attention today; all the glory and honor today was His. 

The worship music that led and also punctuated the day was wonderful.  While excellence was apparent, neither the music nor the musicians were performance oriented, but presence of God-seeking.
The Mashpee Baptist Church Choir helped us prepare our hearts for the message; and in their second selection got out feet moving and our hands clapping. 
The preached word by Pastor Curtis Frye brought just the right mix of humor and soul, of passion and zeal, of tenderness and personal experience of God.  He declared what became the theme for the day: that the flicker of our faith become a flame once again.
The time of pastoral prayer was humbling to experience.  Standing alongside these men of God, fellow servants of the Most High God, no one seeking his own glory, but everyone seeking to magnify and glorify God -- that experience was worth every moment of waiting for God to bring it forth.  One by one the pastors brought forth prayers that echoed the heart of God.
The people of God were then invited to join in small group prayer for families, for the church, and for revival. The prayer time was fervent and to the point. 
Following the close of the service, many, if not most of the people, stayed to have lunch and fellowship with each other until the day ended at 4:00 P.M.  The Mashpee Baptist Church choir returned to provide several more selections, along with lovely interpretative dances, and a concert by the band Skywatch.  Today's crowd was estimated at approximately1,400 in size -- truly history making!
Edmund C. de la Cour, Jr.
First Baptist Church of Pocasset
298 Barlows Landing Road
Post Office Box 1080
Pocasset, MA 02559

You can see pictures of the event at the GOGCC Facebook page​