Report on the September GOGCC Prayer Meeting at Living Hope Family Church

by Erik Eskelund on September 26, 2013
Good morning, beloved family in Christ!
I am pleased to offer below the review of last night's GOGCC prayer meeting, which was hosted at Living Hope Family Church in Hyannis.
Please note that the next prayer meeting will be held at Heritage Christian Church in Falmouth on OCTOBER 23rd. Please see their web site for directions:
Also, please remember that this Sunday, September 29th, you are invited to join us for the historic ONE HEART gathering on the village green in Hyannis at 11am. The number of participating churches has grown to 17 as of last night, and more are expected to turn out.
Last night's meeting was attended by around 80 people, many of whom arrived early and left late. Their enthusiasm and expectancy struck me as indicative of a commitment to prayer that is motivated by something much greater than moral obligation. I was tremendously encouraged to be in the room with BELIEVERS, whose trust in God's promises stirred up my own faith.
The meeting began with a time of worship, spirited and Christ-centered. For me the highlight was hearing the congregational voice soaring to the tune of 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.'
My exhortation at the beginning of the time of prayer was taken from Acts 18:18 - 19:11, in which we are told of the remarkable surge of the Gospel in Ephesus. Though the beginnings were small, the impact of the Gospel was so huge that the whole province heard the word of the Lord in the span of two years. Priscilla and Aquila were willing to share their lives and invite Apollos into their home in order to more adequately explain the message. Paul cared enough about the small group of disciples to ask them about their relationship with the Holy Spirit. After being rejected and maligned by the synagogue, Paul refused to give up, and instead held daily discussions at a lecture hall with those who were hungry for more. What is our take-home from this? Be ready and willing to share your home, your time, and the right message. Revival is dependent on our readiness.
And then we prayed.
The highlight of the open mic prayer time, in my opinion, was Pastor Dan Lewiston's bold and fervent prayer. I felt so stirred up that I wanted to shout out loud! There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit was using Dan to stoke our hearts into a roaring blaze of faith.
From the open mic prayer, the congregation was invited to select a station for small group prayer, each station centered around one of the seven spheres of society: family, church, government, business, education, entertainment, and media. I was playing the keyboard, but I overheard some of the prayers being offered at the Education station, and I was filled with joy to hear the authoritative prayers being loudly declared and amen-ed.  
Next we prayed for the sick, laying hands on those in the congregation with infirmities.
Before dismissing, one of the brothers requested that we pray very specifically for the persecuted church in Egypt. Dr. Riad stood in as a representative of the Egyptian Christians, and we stretched our hands towards him in prayer for his nation. It was a wonderful spontaneous gesture, led by the unction of the Holy Spirit.
Remember our prayers, O Lord, and let Your glory be revealed among us!
Finally, Dr. Riad exhorted us to be in prayerful preparation for Sunday. I close my report with the same encouragement to you. I recommend that you set apart Saturday evening to prepare your heart. Some are even fasting so as to position their hearts to receive from the Lord. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled!
All love in Christ Jesus,
Erik Eskelund
Pastor, Living Hope