The Church Standing in the Gap

by Mamdouh on November 12, 2011

 Dear friends,

I thought the following clip may be encouraging to you, to see what the Lord can do on the Cape as we yield to Him and walk together in His purposes.

As you might know from the news, our brothers and sisters in Christ in Egypt are under persecution, with Muslim fundamentalists killing Christians, burning churches..etc. 

In response to the crisis in tha land, and understanding the biblical role of the church as salt and light, and the mandate of the body of Christ to pray for the land it is in, the leaders of the body of Christ in Egypt across denominational lines mobilized the Church in one direction to gather corporately to pray in unity, to stand in the gap on behalf of the land.Together they prayed for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in the land and called on the Lord to thwart the enemy's purposes. 75,000 gathered in a worship and prayer meeting yesterday November 11, 2011.

Our persecuted brothers and sisters in Egypt gathered as the singing, worshipping church, praying for revival in their land, even as their blood is being shed for the testimony of Jesus. In the past, there was division among denominations in Egypt. Coptic Orthodox Christians and Evangelical Christians distrusted one another and each of them thought that only they were the true body of Christ. Persecution has a way of bringing unity and making us see clearly!

While the clip is in Arabic and not English subtitled, it is still an encouraging visual to see the masses and the music is beautiful. It will touch your heart neverthless, I hope. In one clip, a Coptic Orthodox priest in his traditional black robe shares and leads a Coptic Orthodox worship team, and in another, an Evangelical team takes a turn leading worship.

May we all together continue to walk together as  the body of Christ on the Cape in unity, to stand in the gap for spiritual awakening and revival on Cape Cod, for His Glory in our midst and the subsequent outbreak of revival.