The Glory of God on Cape Cod Corporate Prayer Meeting update

by Ed de La Cour on August 4, 2011
The Glory of God on Cape Cod Corporate Prayer Meeting
First Baptist Church of Pocasset
27 July 2011
Our church was again honored to host this all-Cape Cod evening of worship and prayer. It was truly a joy, not only to see the church full of eager worshipers from many different churches, but also to see real and palpable unity in worship and prayer before the Lord God.
The news concerning the economy and the recent attacks in Norway seems to have been used by God to ground the theme of the time of prayer around the nearness of the approaching storm and the needed readiness of the believer. God’s Kingdom is certainly at hand. There was a deepening sense of God’s presence as the prayer meeting continued, culminating with the final worship song.
A vision was shared concerning the coming storm being Jesus Himself, that new wine would flow from heaven, and that there would be a great harvest among those in recovery.
Psalms 25 and 27 were used to sharpen our focus toward revival in our lives, deepening the work of God in a shallow church, changing her in order to be strong to face the perils of our day.
You are cordially invited to join us at the next Glory of God on Cape Cod regional prayer meeting to be held at the Outer Cape Church (Chapel on the Pond) in North Truro, beginning at 6:30 P.M., on August 24, 2011. For more information on the Outer Cape Church and travel directions, please visit:

In Jesus' Name,

Pastor Ed de la Cour