The Nation

by Fr Michael Carl on February 13, 2016
Hello All,
First, let's give a warm thank you to our brothers and sisters on Cape Cod who have been holding revival prayer meetings regularly for a while. We can all be thankful for the prayers sent up to the Lord for the renewal of His church.
Also, I know many of you are meeting regularly for revival prayer. We can all be so grateful for these prayer meetings. Yet, the Lord has impressed upon my heart the need for many of the Bible-believing churches on Boston's North Shore and in Southern New Hampshire to link-up and cry-out to the throne of grace and ask Him for a gracious touch of His holy glory! Let's gather together for prayer at least once a month to ask for an outpouring of the Lord's mercy on His people. Let's ask Him to bring us to the point of repentance for 'what we have done, and for what we have left undone.'
Surely the moral, spiritual, economic, and political climate openly and amply reveals the need for the churches to get together for a season of extraordinary prayer.
I'm asking each of you to take seriously this request and to let me know when we can meet together and begin a time of serious prayer for revival in the American church.
Fr. Michael Carl
Priest, Writer
Vicar, Christ the King Church
Wakefield, MA