The Simple Solution: Repentance Within the Body of Christ

by Elizabeth on July 19, 2016

The Simple Solution: Repentance Within the Body of Christ

Written by: Elizabeth
Oath of God Ministries


Although the Body of Christ is engaged in more prayer than ever before, believers need to realize that they themselves are partially responsible for having allowed so much evil to grip society.  God will not allow His Holy Waters to flow with power into churches given their current condition so that the same chronic problems repeat themselves over and over again. 

Since believers have the indwelling Holy Spirit, we should always be in the forefront to restrain evil.  There is a pathetic and prevalent attitude throughout the Body of Christ which states, "I’m too busy” or “It’s outside my comfort zone” as well as "I'll pray that someone else labor in the field".  This pitiful attitude requires a deep-seated repentance which stirs the soul and ousts the individual from his parochial world to see the enormity of corruption that has pervaded every aspect of life in our culture.  It was never “someone else’s job” to protect the future freedoms of your children.  It was always your job and it still remains your job!  God cannot and will not honor a cowardly silence or dearth of action.  As believers, it is our responsibility to develop cutting-edge outreach ministries which help to rebuild our communities and to evangelize and subsequently disciple them.  Most churches do not have strong outreach ministries and the majority of Christians are not pursuing the Great Commission as commanded by Christ Jesus.  

Asking God to do for us what we should have honorably done for Him decades ago will not usher in the Great Awakening.  Merely praying for a great revival will not usher in His Holy Waters either.  Prayer is not a substitute for obedience.  Additionally, an earnest heart that genuinely asks God to reveal the strongholds of behavior that prevented both the believer and the pulpit from hearing His voice in the first place is mandatory.  Once the trespasses and sins have been revealed by the Holy Spirit, repentance is required.  Thereafter and with due diligence the repentant heart carried by a firm obedience must follow the fresh promptings of the Holy Spirit for renewed direction and this must begin with the pulpit in America whereby the flock will inherently model the same behavior.  

Prayer helps to soften the heart of the believer and it supernaturally reinforces our relationship with God.  However, both believers and church leaders need to be very careful not to use prayer as an excuse for inactivity.  This inactivity has resulted in the church losing valuable territory to the enemy.  It has also resulted in our own children losing the freedoms which we once enjoyed.  We have only ourselves to blame.  Instead, prayer should leave us with a restlessness to do more for God and our neighbor.  It should energize us to align our activities with God's will for our individual lives, our church and our local communities.  Pursuant to prayer we should find ourselves unwilling to travel down the same sluggish road which leads back to religion and stale church tradition.  Instead we should find our souls restored with hopefulness and our feet shod by the preparation of the peace of the gospel whereby we are ready to step upon the newly discovered ancient paths of righteousness.  Indeed it should oust us from the four walls of our comfort zone to follow Christ.

Many Christians come together for prayer but return to the same status quo steeped in church routine.  Individually each believer must look in the mirror and ask God to lovingly expose the offenses that have contributed to America's moral decay."  (2013, Oath of God Ministries, Elizabeth, "Great Awakening and God's Judgement)