The Torch for Revival

by Michael Carl on October 19, 2014

It is surely true that an awakening/revival is a sovereign work of God. However, He is the One who calls us into a time of prayer, first by His gentle whisper. He gives us a longing to see a move of His Spirit--to see His holiness in all His glory--which draws us into our 'prayer closet.' I have had that longing for 23 years and have shared the longing with many people along the way.

Now, it's no longer just a 'longing.' The Lord is declaring a loud, boisterous, call to extraordinary prayer. It's along the lines of a Battalion Commander calling his troops to attention!

This shout from the Lord is the reason for the previous post. It's in my bones to share this call to extraordinary prayer with the Body of Christ. The Lord is shouting at us: 'Wake up! Call out to Me for a restoration of My Body--My Church! Stand to your knees and seek My holy presence with ALL your heart! It's time to "break up your fallow ground and seek the Lord until He comes and rains righteousness upon you!"'

Let's talk about starting revival prayer groups in your churches. Let's work to network together to hold combined revival prayer with like-minded churches. Let us pray and believe together that we will again see the torch of God's truth burn off the chaff from this over-secularised culture and that He will again raise up His church to be the beacon of truth in this truth-starved nation!